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Xquisite Mas offers an all-inclusive Carnival experience in Europe with high-quality standards and great customer service.

We take part in different parades and team up with some of the greatest Carnival mas bands.

Xquisite mas started in July 2018 in the Netherlands at Rotterdam Carnival. Since then we have been offering our masqueraders the best carnival experience on the road with each parade.

We are based in Germany and our team includes a group of experienced Bacchanalists that love to share their passion with our customers.
We started with a small collection of 8 costumes in total for our first section and have been growing since. All our costumes are made in Europe, making a statement for quality, trending and different carnival designs.

Our masqueraders are like family members to us and we love to see our Xquisite family grow each day. We are an inclusive group representing and supporting different cultural backgrounds, sexes, ages and body shapes for unity and the love of mas. 

Join the Xquisite Mas family for an ultimate Carnival Xperience! 

Jasmine, Owner & Designer of Xquiste Mas

“As a designer I want to share my passion for Mas.  My goal is to make sure that every masquerader feels and looks their absolute best on the road. Xquisite Mas is much more than just a beautiful costume. It is a lifetime experience that will set your standards in Mas higher. “



Xquisite Mas is here to make a distinct difference and set a new standard for quality costumes in the carnival scene. 

We are only using the highest quality materials possible and handpick each component. Our team is a group of professionals who ensure that your costume is handmade to the absolute highest standards.

Each costume must pass through several quality checks before you wear it on the road. 

We also offer different varieties of costumes with each section in order to cover everybody’s preferred styles. 

All masqueraders also get a great goodie bag filled with complimentary accessories and gifts to complete your ultimate Xperience on the road. 

Our biggest priority is the best customer service possible. We treat each masquerader like a family member and will make sure to fulfill all your wishes.

Any questions? Feel free to contact us anytime!