Join our Jala Tribe for Nottinghill Carnival 2019 and secure your costume in the Xquisite mas section! 

Jala 1 .jpg


A non-refundable downpayment of 50 Pounds is required in order to ensure your spot in our section.

Once the downpayment is made, your spot in the section is safe and you will receive a discount code for 50 Pounds off of your costume order, when the actual registration begins.

Please note, that this section is very highly limited and we advice you to preregister.



Female costumes: 

Backline: 200 pounds 

Midline ( with feathered collar) 260pounds 

Frontline: 360 Pounds ( with feathered  backpack)

Male costumes: 

Backline: 180 Pounds 


Frontline with feathered headpiece: 240 Pounds


You are registered. You will recvieve an email shortly for payment information. Thank you for playing with us.